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Vacant Staging:
Conveniently live in your home and allow buyers to visualize themselves in a beautiful living space. This involves redesigning, removing, or adding to the furnishings already in your home. We want to bring out the full potential in your property. This process involves walking through the home and experiencing it from a buyers perspective. Next we will discuss how to make the best first impression through lighting, decluttering, and repositioning furnishings. Then our professional staging stylists will work with your personal preferences and budget to achieve an impressive look throughout.

Potential buyers will form an opinion about your home in the first few moments of walking through your door. Successful staging creates a tranquil, memorable environment and gives you the opportunity to make a positive and lasting impression. In the Phoenix real estate market, competition is strong; in order to appeal to a broad market it is important to understand the buyer demographic. We specialize in providing a model home and assisting you with a design that appeals to the real estate market in your area. Professional staging will result in a successful sale for a potentially higher profit, in a short amount if time. Our job is to create the most desirable living space that will attract prospective buyers. We want to highlight your property's full potential by displaying it’s strengths. In order to achieve this goal, it might be necessary to redesign the furniture you already have, bring in new furniture to feature in your home or even furnish a vacant home. 

When redesigning your home we take the time to understand the practical day-to-day needs of our clients to create a stylish and functional living space. It is important to have a reflective and organized space that brings peace and a sense of tranquility.  Design services are available to meet your needs, whether you are remodeling an entire home or just selecting new paint colors.

Vacant homes can be cold and uninviting, lacking appeal. This can make it difficult to receive top dollar. 90% of buyers are not able to see the amount of space and potential in a home that is empty and without furniture. We help stage the living space so that buyers are able to picture a “model home” look by giving them a frame of reference. Home owners and investors benefit greatly from staging vacant or semi-vacant homes.

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